MUST SEE VIDEO! - Vintage with Natalie Rotman | H&M Life Video

I agree with EVERYTHING she has to say, 
and I would wear EVERYTHING she wears! 

I am definitely the kind of girl who wears what she wants, when she wants, to wherever she wants, and I love it when it involves lots of bright colour(s) and sparkle. It's also true that sometimes I have been misjudged for over dressing, and other times I will make a conscious decision to dress down for something, but generally, I will wear whatever I want, whenever I want, to wherever I want. If I have spent money on something that I like and wearing it makes me feel good, then I am going to wear it whenever I want, and it's nobody else's business. Maybe I sound crude, but it's true that nobody else has the right to put limitations on me, and if I am not true to myself, then I might as well give up on life and happiness in general right now. 

Sadly, the video settings on YouTube don't allow for this video to be embedded, but here is the link to it. You can go straight to the video by clicking on the link in red below:


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