Jump Fruit and Friends

Once upon a time I admired jumpsuits/rompers from afar because I felt they wouldn't suit my apple figure. 

Now I can't get enough of them!

This fruity little romper is an XL from Mango...

I love that it has pockets, and that the material is oh so soft and smooth

The first outfit photo is how I wore this to meet my friend Carol and her boyfriend and his friends when she came to Madrid a few months back...

where the body-shot is of how I wore it to work one day.  Just simple and "appropriate", don't you think?

It's both weird and wonderful when something we think isn't going to work, actually works!

I am now back in Madrid, and will be going to Vogue's Fashion night event in Serrano tonight, with my friend Vicky, which I'm looking forward to! Hopefully, I can get some decent shots of that to share with you guys :)

I still have stuff to post from my trip to London coming soon, so please stay tuned :) xxx
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