In with the Old

I'm still in London, but like I said in my penultimate post, I haven't brought very many clothes with me at all! So I've been raiding through my old clothes stored in boxes at my mum's house. I am ashamed to admit this, but there are some things here that have never, ever, been worn and still have the labels on; and this dress-top was one of those things. I remember buying it in Primark on Oxford Street a few years ago. It was too small for me then, but I told myself I would loose weight to fit into it - A habit I am proud to say I have let go of. Weird thing is, I never did loose weight to fit into it, and it fits. How bizarre!

I took these photos at home really early in the morning on a make shift tripod before rushing out, so please excuse the bad angle! It doesn't help that the only working camera I have the moment is a really crappy one! But every now and again it takes a half decent picture that I feel relatively comfortable putting up here. 

More posts coming up here now :) 

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