Bex in the city

Dress - Tambury y Hereza 45 euros
Tutu - H&M
Clutch / Handbag - Accessories
Gold Pumps - Ardene

This is one of the looks I put together for my photo shoot with Leandro Feal. These shots were taken about ten hours into the shoot. I am absolutely in love with this dress! So much so that I have this dress in green and white, and I was very tempted to buy a third dress to host a giveaway: I just decided not to because I don't have a massive amount of readers or exposure, and this dress wouldn't fit anyone who was much bigger than me, and I would feel terrible if the dress was too small for the winner. The top half is a halter neck, but the bottom is a wrap around that you knot together around the waist, but because the material won't go around me twice at the bottom, I wore my midi-length H&M tutu underneath it. I have to say though, it doesn't look back without the tutu underneath, the dress is just shorter on one side than the other. I was actually not wearing much make-up for this look, just slightly thick black eye-liner and red lipstick. The waves in my hair is nothing more than the result of the humid environment coming into contact with my hair after having straightened it that morning. 

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