Dress: H&M, 19.95euros
Photo by: Leandro Feal
Hair and Make-up: By me.

Hi Everyone!

I know it´s been ages since I have done an outfit post, or anything of the like for my blog, but I promise you guys I am very eager to get back on track asap!

The photo above is from my recent photo shoot with the very talented cuban photographer, Leandro Feal.

This photo was taken very late at night, about twelve hours into the shoot. We were all exhausted, but I am very pleased with the results, making all that effort seem worth it! Everyone who has seen the photos so far has completely fallen in love with them! So far, none have been photoshoppped, and I did my own hair and make-up, (without using any foundation), as well as my own styling. As for the dress... It was my first time wearing this dress, as I had been saving it for some future gig, though I must say, it feels like most of my singing takes place in the classroom! Speaking of the day job, I really like my new summer job! I´m actually a bit sad it will all be over in a few weeks... 

As for my life in general right now, I´d say things are looking pretty good, except for one thing that´s got me feeling somewhat...down.

I was told that my mum - (who is in her early sixties and lives in London) - got assaulted on her way home yesturday. Some crazy guy punched her in the eye for no apparent reason. The police are said to be looking for him via CCTV footage, but it seems like such a long-shot to me! Luckily, the police was called straight away by witnesses and passers by, (all of whom can confirm that my mother didn´t do or say anything at all to provoke what happened which is what makes us come to the conclusion that the guy must have been seriously mentally disturbed or something). I know my mum is still in a lot pain after the random attack, although she hasn´t bruised. She was told today by the doctors that it looks as though her eye is simply swollen on the inside, and apparently that explains both the pain, and why she is struggling to see clearly through that eye at the moment. How dare he do that!?

I feel so inadecuate being so far away! I just wish I was there, in person, to somehow look after her right now. I can´t help thinking, that maybe if I had been there with her at the time, the attack would not have happened. A punch in the eye might seem trivial to a lot of people, but my mum is a tiny little thing in her sixties, with a serious hearing problem and has lots of other health issues. Most of the time, she is fine. It´s like she is made of some super-invincible substance that makes her bounce back from everything negative she has ever encountered in her life. And there are moments like now...

It´s at times like these that I feel guilty for being in Madrid instead of in London, and when I seriously get the urge to pack my bags and just go back to London for good! But for now, all I can do is thank God that nothing worse happened!

Until next time! PEACE!

Rebequita Rose


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