OOTD: White Elephants

Skirt and demin shirt: H&M
Black spaghetti strap vest top: Chinos
Elephant necklace: Blanco
Sandals: Chinos

This is an outfit I wore to work about a week ago, roughly. I can´t begin to explain how comfortable I felt in this. It was a seriously hot day, and this outfit was ideal for that climate.

I took these photos outside a shopping centre, with my camera set on timer, on a make-shift tripod. Then this guy walked past. He stopped in his tracks as soon as he saw me and spotted what I was doing. Then approached me to ask if he could take my pictures for me. I politely said "No. Thank you.", but he wasn´t taking no for an answer, which I found plain annoying. So I became a little less nice about saying no. Finally, he seemed to get my not-so-unclear message, and headed into the shopping centre. Meanwhile, I stood there, fiddling with my camera, waiting for him to get out of my sight, but he kept turning back to look at me the whole time he was walking away from me, with this huge cocky smile on his face. So I thought, I better find another spot to take these photos, only everytime I turned a corner, he was there, standing and smiling at me. Did he think that doing that was going to make me turn around and say, "Actually... You can take my picture afterall!" *sigh* Normally, when I am out taking outfit pictures for my blog, I am more kind of embarassed that people might be watching and think I am mad or something. Until now, I hadn´t though it possible that it might incite wierdoes into stalking me, albeit just for five minutes! lol

On a slightly less creepy note, I have a little story about when I bought this skirt...

Its from the H&M conscious collection, and I remember seeing it in store when it first came in, and liking it, but thinking, "I already have a white maxi skirt, so why get another one?" Then I found out that my old, long white maxi skirt which I´ve had for years, and wear every summer, is now too small for me. Fast forward a week or two, and the H&M Conscious Collection skirt goes on sale, for seven euros, and I just had to get it! Afterall, how could my wardrobe survive summer without a long white maxi skirt? It was originally priced at 19.95, so when I saw it labelled at seven euros, I got really excited. However, I did notice that some skirts on the rack were labelled at ten euros, and others at seven euros. I just assumed they were further reduced. To be safe though, I headed to the till with two skirts. The one in my size labelled at ten euros, and one that was about three sizes too small, but labelled at seven euros. When it came to my turn in line to pay, I sweetly said to the check out girl that I had noticed the two prices. She then says rather snobishly, that she has to sell me the one in my size for ten euros as that´s the price it has on its label. That was not music to my ears. Now I´m no cheap skate. I know perfectly well that it´s only a three euro difference. The amount wasn´t the issue. It´s the fact that if I were to ever walk into H&M - or any other shop for that matter - with even one cent less than they demand for anything, I will not be sold that item. So why pay more if I don´t have to? So I said that I noticed that most were labelled at seven euros, and could she please check which was the right price. She tells me - without checking with anyone - that the right price is ten euros before she heads over to the rack to check the labels. She comes back and tells me that the one in my hand labelled at seven is a one off which has been labelled at that price by accident. But I was sure I saw loads labelled at seven euros, so I said to the girl, "What? Most are labelled at seven. I went through the entire rack!" And so she said we could both go have a look, which we did. The first few skirts on the rack were all labelled ten euros, and for a brief moment I did think to myself, "Did my excitement make me delusional?" Of course, the customer is always right, and I was right. And as if luck and karma were not on my side, all the skirts at the back were labelled at seven euros. I even found another size 44 skirt labelled at seven euros, which she had to sell me for seven euros, as it was labelled as being reduced to seven euros.

When we went back to the till with the other skirt in my size, labelled at seven euros, she told me that she knew that skirts were supposed to be sold for ten euros as apparently she works in the department that deals with pricing. Then she told one of the girls to label the skirts correctly.

When I popped into H&M yesturday, I noticed that they had been further reduced to five euros. So if you like this skirt, I say snap it up! It´s worth every penny!

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