OOTD: Pink and Green

This is actually an outfit from last week, or the week before. As you can probably see in the photos, it was a very sunny, but windy day! I got this skirt for 7 euros at the H&M sales, and a few days later saw it on sale for just three euros. Don´t you hate it when that happens? Still, I love this skirt, and have no regrets about getting it. The top is actually an "under-vest" that came with another top over it from the H&M BIB section. It was also on sale. I haven´t worn the "over-top" yet, but I wil soon! The first and third photos are the truest colour-wise. I felt so cute and fresh in this all day long. I love o utfits that make me feel that way all day long! Don´t you?

Skirt and Green vest: H&M / H&M BIB
Belt. Parfois
Lace trim Comfort shorts / Cycling shorts: H&M
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