OOTD: ¡Me gust así!

"Me gusta así" means "I like it like that", or "that´s how I like it", in spanish.

(Pronounced: Meh goose-ta asee)

I seem to live in jeans in winter, but I rarely wear them in summer as I find them far too warm! However, when I came across these perfect fitting jeans from H&M´s BIB section, reduced from 49.95euros to just 20euros, I couldn´t resist! I tend to wear out my jeans - well, trousers in general - between the thighs, thanks to chub-rub, so investing in expensive jeans just isn´t a good idea with me, as no matter how expensive they are, they are not going to last a life time in my wardrobe.

Speaking of chub-rub, it´s something I don´t think I ever even vaguely touched on here on my blog, but it´s such a big deal if you are victim to it. It´s not a fat-woman phenomena either. Some thin women get it too. Chub rub is when your inner thighs rub together when you walk/run, and it is very painful and uncomfortable to deal with. The solution? Wear something that comes between the skin in that area to avoid the friction. There are supposedly creams that deal with it, though I have never tried any of them. I did pop by a local chemist about two weeks ago to enquire if they had anything like that, and instead I was told about some cream that soothes sore and irritated skin. The woman clearly wasnt paying attention when I told her what I was looking for in the first place. I wanted something to avoid chub-rub symptoms, not a post-chub-rub-torture-cream-relief thingy! Tsk tsk! So, in light of something that I consider a significant issue in my day to day life, and outfit choices each morning, I am going to do a post on it in the near future! :)

Jeans: H&M, 20euros Top: Oasis (Chinos) 19.90
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