OOTD: Maxi Florals

You know, it´s funny. When I was child, we were visiting some family friends of ours when a TV commercial came up on their TV. It was a supermarket advertising that they were selling clothes. I can´t remember which supermarket it was, or anything like that, I just remember being taken a back and saying, "Who buys clothes at the supermarket?" And the other kid in the room saying, rather defensively, "Loads of people!" I then remember feeling a bit embarassed, like I had said something offensive without meaning to. I also knew not to say anything more about the matter, as I guess my question was answered. However, since then, I have come to appreciate supermarkets that sell clothes, and have even become a customer!

The dress in this OOTD post, for example, is from Carrefour. It was on sale. Reduced from 29 euros to just ten euros. It wasnt an impulse buy either. I saw it one day. Liked it. Tried it on. Thought about it. Then put it back on the rail and left it a few days. Then went back. I still liked it. I tried it on again. I then purchased it. Along with the green vest top to match, as the dress on its own is far too low cut! I really regret wearing this with the red pumps though. They really didn´t match!

I included two headshots to show you guys my hair. It´s grown quite a lot now, so I can wear it curly. A few weeks back I couldn´t leave the house without straightening it, as it was so short that when it was left curly, I looked like a clown. Kinda like the clown below, but a lot shorter in length...

Afterall, who doesn´t want to look like a clown 24/7? lol

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