OOTD: Graffitti Dress

This dress is simply perfect. The fit is perfect. The way the material moves, so lightly and breezily, is perfect.
I love everything about this dress.

I have exposed my comfort shorts on purpose here, after a girl I know recently confessed to me that she never wears skirts because of chub rub. I explained comfort shorts. She had never heard of them before. We were both in shock.

Maybe this dress is a bit dressy for the day job / day time in general. But I don´t care. I wear what I want when I want, unless it is unquestionably inappropriate. This dress is not unquestionably inappropriate, so I will wear it whenever it takes my fancy. Not that it matters. I can wear anything I want to my current job, and it´s fine. I know I will wear this dress loads in autumn, with thick black tights and a light litle cardy over it. Nothing original, but totally comfort and cute!

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