Butterfly Quiff

This is an outfit I wore and photographed back in June. It coincided with the time when temperatures in Madrid suddendly shot up to forty degrees overnight. I was walking around constantly feeling hot and sweaty despite the fact that I was taking at least three showers a day and whenever I left the house I found myself walking into any old establishment in a haze just for the air conditioning! I was also trying my best to work with my hairs natural curls, as it was going to curl once I left the house and started sweating anyway. I cant say I was happy with the results in general, but I do remember being rather content with this semi-quiff thing going on at the front of my head.

Denim shirt and butterfly skirt: H&M
Necklace: Bridgette Bijou (on sale for three euros)
Bracelet: Stradivarius (I think. It came with several bracelets)

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