Order! Order!

Anyone who comes within miles of my existence, knows that I am not quite what you would call... organized. They may well say that I´m a clean freak, but a disorganized one.

 I know. People have a hard time distinuishing between "disorganized" and "dirty", but I get it and I know which of those two things I am! 

I do try to be organized though. I really do! I just usually end up being disorganized because I´m always in so much of a rush to get about my daily business that my things just kind of get dumped anywhere and everywhere. - And by "things", I usually mean clothes. For example, I will often have an idea of what I will wear from the night before, but! If I am too tired to think about the next day, or, my idea doesn´t come together as planned in the morning, I will change over and over and over again until it´s right, and those clothes that keep coming on and off my body will end up in a pile on my bed, or on a chair or somewhere. And as the chaos rule goes, those things then pile up high, and those high flying piles start to collapse over themselves and spread, and before I know it, chaos starts to reign around me unbridled!

Ok, so as you will see below, I don´t have the biggest closet in the world right now, but even when I have had much bigger closets in the past, it´s not really made much difference! A lot of people don´t get it. - Including myself! As you will notice in the photos below, I invest time and money in allowing myself "luxuries" which should facilitate my attempts at being an organized individual. So why is there so much clothes chaos going on? Maybe it´s because I´m rarely at home...? - I leave my house at around 7:30 every morning to go to work, and my morning goals are to shower thoroughly, followed by trying not to leave my house naked, barefoot or in house slippers. And no, I don´t eat breakfast. In the evenings, I am rarely home before 9-10pm, and by those hours of the night, all I want to do is shower again and sleep. And no, I don´t noramlly eat dinner either. (Not all fat people are overeaters.) I might move the piles from one end of the room to another to mop, sweep, dust, change bed sheets - or even raid the pile(s) in search of a particular item of clothing, but the piles stay existant because going through them inorder to put things neatly away, is so much more time consuming. And then I think to myself, "I will sort it out tommorow", but tommorow comes and the piles remain abundant, and then tommorow becomes next week, and so on. Others who have had the experience of witnessing these piles of mine which collapse and spread, have described it as being an impecibly clean and wonderful smelling mess! LOL. - Like I said, I keep on top of my cleaning and making sure everything smells good. It´s just the being organized bit that´s a struggle!

Of course, I will eventually find - or make - time to restore order and sack the chaos! At which point I tell myself that I will not allow the piles to re-occur ever again, but it always does! Why though? Even I don´t get me on this one!

Can you relate?

There are quite a few clothes hanging in my closet which have not appeared on my blog... yet!

My longer accessories - mostly necklaces, but also belts with a buckle and some small handbags - hang behind the closet door, in "theme" order...

Funnily enough this section is rarely in a state of chaos...!

Obviously I own a lot more that meets the eye in my closet, - and no, it´s not all hiding somewhere in a pile in some other corner! LOL! A lot of it is neatly folded up - as small as possible - and stored in these boxes (from Ikea) at the bottom of the closet, and then further segregated in bags. Plastic bags are not cute or pretty, but they do the trick in this case, and that´s what matters the most! One box is for tops, another for bottoms, another for lingerie/underwear - as well as socks and tights, and another for nightwear. I find these boxes the hardest to keep organized!

If you look closely, you will notice that a lot can be stored in these boxes, even if it is a bit of a tight squeeze!

My jewellery is another story altogether! Yeah, I keep the longer necklaces behind the wardobe door, but my earrings, bracelets, bangles, shorter necklaces, rings and even hair accessories have to go somewhere else!

I rarely paint my nails, so I´m not too fussy about nail polish brands, as you can tell from the photo below! And I keep my bangles in the blue basket above along with a few flowers that can be clipped into ones hair or worn as brouches!

If you´re wondering what´s in that white box... It´s a tamborine!

I like to see my earrings hanging up and spread out. It stops me from forgetting what I have, and it stops them from getting damaged by squishing!

The same applies to my bracelets... Isn´t this bracelet holder adorable?

And right by my bracelets, are my rings on a hand...

Ok, this next bit is going to sound really cheap, but whatever. If you´re on a budget, and you can´t find what you want in the shops for sale, sometimes it pays to use ones imagination a bit, and that is how I came up with these!

Also, before I go on, I´d like to clarify that I´m not a big fast food fan. My parents never ever took me to fast food places as a child. Well, no. That´s a bit of a lie. There was one ocassion. I must have been about five years old, and I was walking down the street with my mum. She then bumped into one of her friends, right outside McDonald´s. At this point I looked up and saw that McD´s was advertising it´s latest Happy Meal toys, and I wanted one. So, I told my mum that I wanted to go in for one. She said no. I insisted. She still said no. I insisted some more. She said, NO! Now, my mother was always strict with me, (trust me, I was anything but a spoilt only child!), so I knew not to throw tantrums, but on this occassion, her friend intervened and convinced her to let me have the happy meal. So in we went. My mum got me the Happy Meal, and we sat down at a table. I opened the box, whipped out the toy, and completely ignored the food. So my mum took the food out, and laid it infront of me. I took one look at it and shook my head in disgust. I didn´t like the look of it. Or the smell of it. At this point, my mum was loosing her patience with me. She pushed the food closer to me, and I fought her by leaning as far back as I could, and sinking into the seat, whilst squeezing my mouth shut as tightly as I could whilst simultaneously releasing a muffled scream. It didn´t work. My mum had bought me this meal that I had insisted she buy me, and I was dam-well gonna eat it as if her life (or mine) depended on it! Eventually, I reluctantly nibbled on the chips. Slowly. Then she reminded me that there was a hamburger too. So, reluctantly, I took a bite, and then froze. It was worse than I had imagined. I didn´t know what to do. I couldn´t bear to chew it, and I knew that it would be rude to spit it out. I don´t remember anything after that. Probably blocked it out of my mind as one of the most traumatizing childhood experiences I ever had. Maybe I´m just wierd. Most kids get excited about going to McDonald´s. Not me though! What I do remember, is learning my lesson and never asking for a Happy Meal - or anything from McDonald´s - ever again as a child! It didn´t matter how appealing the toy was, the meal wasn´t worth it. Now-a-days, I´m a bit more fast food friendly, eventhough I still dislike hamburgers! I´ve even been known to purchase a chicken meal or two from McDonald´s and quite enjoying it! LOL! So how does this tie in with keeping my stuff organized? Well, I don´t have anything against fast food ice-creams, and one as I passed by Burger King and popped in for one of their "shots", I looked at the container they came in, and thought, "My hair accessorieS would fit in there!" And then wrapped it up in lots of napkins, took it home, washed it, and violá! Storage space for my hair clips!

Thicker cloth headbands I keep in a small, soft basket in the shelving unit, where I have two more of those black Ikea boxes - one with towels, and another one with bed clothes! My handbags, I keep mostly in a tall basket which I did not photograph. However, I find that keeping them stored like that, means that a lot of my bags don´t get used as much as I´d think, which is a shame! I like to keep my shoes in their boxes which I then label, but due to my current living arrangements, I am keeping them on a small shoe rack, as the boxes have proven too bulky! - On that note though, I am preparing to move house once more next month! I am hoping this move will last longer than my last three. *Fingers Crossed*

So how do you store your clothes, shoes, and accessories?

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