OOTN: H&M Conscious Collection Top

This outfit is so not like me, but I love it! 

The top is loose fitting and square shaped, and I haven´t created a waist with a belt, yet I still felt fabulous in this outfit! The true colour of this top is pale/nude pink. It is also available in white, but the white one didn´t suit me. White in general is a funny colour on me anyway, so no surprises there. The cluth was a real steal at the Accessorize 50% off sale out here in Madrid, so I only paid 19.90 for it. Its one of those things I know I will use and love for years to come, so for me, it´s an investment peice really. I was so happy to stumble across it the other day after literally years of looking for the perfect cream coloured bag. I included the Accessorize bag as I love the design on it. I added god accessorise (bangles and hoop earrings) so it was all co-ordinated with the gold detail on the cluthch. The only thing I feel is missing from this outfit, is lots of long gold chains :) But I don´t own any of those, and I haven´t seen anything in the shops that I like. 

Any tips on where to go for those?

Top: H&M Conscious Collection 19.95
Boyfriend Jeans: H&M BIB: 20 something euros, almost 30, I think
Clutch: Accessorize: 39.00 19.90
Gold coloured ballet pumps: Ardene - 2 x 20

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