OOTD: Stroll in the City

Skirt: Modalisa 8.99 euros
Boob tube: H&M, 4.95
Handbag: Av America, 20+euros
Flip Flops - Last years
Toe Rings: Ardene, 2euros each

Location: Gran Vía / Plaza España

I discovered a shop called Ardene recently. I had walked past it many times in the Principe Pio shopping Centre here in Madrid, but had never taken any notice of it. Until recently. I wondered why I had never been inside. At first glance, I thought nothing in there would interest me, until I took a closer look. It´s true that most of what´s in there isn´t really my style, but I´m loving their 2x20euros offer on shoes right now! I´ve bought a load of flat pumps from there, as their size 10s fit me like a dream! I can´t wait to show them to you guys! Today I got these little toe rings from Ardene as well! Aren´t they just adorable? You can´t tell from the photos, but they are really, really, REALLY, sparkly!

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