OOTD: Maxi Power

Maxi dresses and me are like... Meh! I like them, but I can live without them. I love how they are practical when having an "I don´t know what to wear" crisis moment. They are feminine and usually elegant, and are flattering on almost everybodies body. Still, I´m not a big maxi-dress wearer. I own a few, but don´t wear them that often.
This one I bought a few months back from a little shop in Moncloa Metro Station. If I remember well, it cost about ten euros. Not bad for something I know I won´t get much wear out of, and which I´ve felt great in when I have worn it. I wear it with a brown belt to feel more "dressed", but it doesn´t need the belt. If anything, the belt in this case seems to life the pattern on the dress and create a tummy, that makes me look a bit with child, but I can live with that for a day, lol. 
The shoes I bought last summer, half price in the sale, but never wore them until the other day. I have to say that although I like them visually, I felt somewhat unsafe in them and had to stop to re-tie them up more than once! I also have them in black, and the black ones did get a lot of wear last summer!
So far this is the only "basket bag" I own. I got it this year, but I can´t remember where from...Modalisa, maybe?

How do you guys feel about Maxi-dresses?

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