OOTD: Doing it MY way!

I don´t think this dress is designed to be worn out in the street. In fact, I think it´s a tunic designed to be worn over your swimsuit on the beach. I don´t know. I don´t care. I like this as a dress / top, so I shall continue to wear it as such! I have a little DIY idea for the sleeves of this as well, as that´s the only thing I really don´t like about this "dress". Fingers crossed I will get round to doing that at some point in the near future!

Me parece que éste vestido no está diseñado para llevarse por la calle. Es más, creo que es un túnico diseñado para llevarse por encima del traje de baño / bikini en la playa. No sé. No me importa. Me gusta como vestido / camiseta, asi que continuaré poniendomelo como tal. Tengo una pequeña idea para alterar las mangas de este "vestido" ya que es la parte que menos me gusta. Espero poder ponerle manos a la obra en un futuro no muy lejano!

I wore this to work recently, with lots of un-subtle jewellery, and no make-up except for mascara.

And this is my face first thing in the morning! Y ésta es mi cara al amanecer!

Do you guys ever wear anything in a totally different way to how it was made to be worn?

Dress / Tunic - H&M (Madrid) 9.95 euros
Necklace / Collar - Bridgitte Bijou (Madrid) - 14.90euros 8 euros
Bangles / Pulseras - Evans (London)
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