OOTD: Almost Magic

I cannot begin to express how happy I am with how this outfit worked out today!

It was my last day at my day job as my contract ended today, and so I wanted to wear something new to cheer me up this morning as I knew I´d be really sad by the end of the day. As everyone knows, kids tend to speak their minds, and my students are no different! One randomly said I looked like I was on my way to a wedding, another one randomly said I looked like an angel, and then another randomly said I looked just like a princess. And kids don´t lie, right? *smiles* When they found out today was my last day, they all got really sad, telling me they want me to stay forever, and kept asking if I will atleast come and visit them. It broke my heart to see their little faces go all sad and teary-eyed because I was leaving. I was sad too, close to tears, but I kept strong and didn´t cry. Now I just feel really strange. On the one hand, I feel liberated. No more waking up at the crack of dawn and leaving my house way before 8am. On the other hand, I will miss my job. I just find teaching so rewarding, and little kids are great fun to work with because they give you a reason to laugh/smile everyday! I also wonder what will be of a lot of them in the future. Guess I´ll never know now. So what next? I don´t know. I have no concrete plans for the summer, other than to chill, maybe get a last minute summer job, and/or maybe do a bit of travelling around Spain? I guess time will tell. I find comfort in the knowledge that things with me always work out for the best in the end. 

Going back to the outfit, believe it or not, this dress is a size EU40 and I am about a size EU44/46/48/50 - depending on the brand/cut. This dress is designed to be worn as a wrap over dress, and as it has an elasticated waist, you could probably fit into this if you are a size 42/44, provided you don´t have a very large bust. This is not the case with me, so although it fits perfectly everywhere else as a wrap, it´s a funny fit over my bust. I asked which was the largest size this dress came in. I was told a size 44, but they were out of stock. I was then told they recieve clothes everyday, and to check back the next day. So I kept going back to H&M everyday, hoping to find a size 44, and then get an exchange, but no luck. These dresses sold like hot cakes! Then, just as I was about to get request a refund, I thought, "I can work around this if I wear something underneath!" The dress is quite sheer anyway, so I would have had to have worn something underneath it no matter what. Especially if I was planning to wear this to work. So I played around with it, and liked the result when teamed with my nude-tone-colourd tutu - also from H&M, - which also happened to be the perfect length!

So, instead of buttoning it up as a wrap, I pinned the front bit together with a brouch that my dad bought for my mum back in 80´s, but which my mum has probably never worn, as she doesn´t like brouches!

Oh! And aren´t my new flats from Ardene just adorable?

Dress: H&M (39.95)
Tutu / Skirt: H&M (I think it was 29.95)
Black vest top: Random Chinos (3 euros)
Tights: H&M, (Pack of 2 for 4.95, 20 DEN)
Shoes: Ardene


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