First of all, I´d like to say a BIG FAT THANK YOU to EVERYONE who entered and spread the word about my first ever giveaway!

I´ve had so much fun hosting it, that I have started to buy and collect lots of goodies to host a second giveaway on my blog this summer. It won´t be something sponsored by a company, but something hosted and paid for by moi, especially for you! And as I feel quite crappy about having to pick just one winner on this ocassion, I´ve decided to have runner-up prizes as well in my second give away!

For now though, let´s re-wind back to my first giveaway! This winner was chosen by I have spent forever sat here trying to get the widget from to show the winning number, but I cant figure out how that´s done! (Sorry!) Anyhow, number 3 was the winning number, and as comment number 3 was left by Weesha - aka LuAnne D´Souza from Weesha´s World, then the winner is:



I hope you guys have had as much fun with this giveaway as I have!
I can´t wait to host a second giveaway (plus runner up prizes) here this summer!
Fingers crossed you guys will like the things I am picking out for you!

x o x o x
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