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I had planned to do an OOTD post today. However, it´s not happening as my memory card isn´t letting me change photo file names, and I´m really annoyed now!

I doubt I will be able to post anything over this weekend...


I just have a LOT to do this weekend - none of it fun.
I am moving house.

I had been living (happily) alone a few months back, but it turned out later on that the house had many hidden problems which were health and safety risks. It also seems extremely probable that the owner knew perfectly well that the flat was in a disastrous state, as the building was almost ancient, and the problems were hidden behind a splash of paint and other decorative features. To cut a very long story short, the owners attitude was absolute plain disgusting denial when I mentioned the problems, so I left. Then my deposit was never returned, so I now plan to sue.

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Unfortunately, that issue conincided with my bad foot, leg, etc, so I was kind of stuck. Luckily, some friends stepped in, took me to their house to look after me, and I have been staying with these friends ever since, renting a teeny-weeny corner of their house, (and not a bedroom). It was great fun most of the time I have been there, but the lack of privacy has really started to get to me...

The only things holding me back from house-hunting/moving, was my day job and health!

Luckily, something else came to me, so I am packing up to leave my friends place, and finally go somewhere where I will have unlimited privacy, and will be paying exactly the same as I am now!

So me is very, very HAPPY right now!

It annoys me that this will mean my blog will fall back into "standby mode" for a few days now. It´s even more annoying knowing that my camera is FULL of outfit posts, most of which haven´t been posted! - Not to mention all the gazillion ideas floating around in my head for future posts!

If a miracle happens and I can get away to post, I will, but I doubt it. 
For now, I must focus on packing...

Trust me. I don´t travel or move lightly (though that´s the aim this time around), so I have a lot to do this weekend! *sigh* Fingers crossed I will be sorted and back to my usual regular blogging-self by next week!

I hope you guys have a much more interesting weekend lined up ahead of you than I do :) Hehe

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