Sunny sunday morning in Santander

Hi everyone! How was your May Day? 

If you saw my last post, you might remember that I said I was going to get away from Madrid over the weekend, and I did. I went to Santander for two nights as one of my good friends flew out to Santander from London to celebrate her birthday there. The whole thing was loads of fun, and it also gave me the perfect excuse to wear a few of my new rags and take photos to share with all of you here! I packed lots of summer clothes only to arrive and find that the days there were mostly cold and rainy! There were brief snippets of of warmth and sunshine for a couple of hours in the mornings though, so all in all, it worked out alright in the end!

I wore this outfit to go get my friend a surprise birthday cake on the sunday morning...

As the morning got warmer, and we walked along the harbour to get the cake, (my friends cousin and me, who also took these photos for me), I had to take off the jacket and scarf and wonder around in just the dress.

The belt is designed to be worn at the waist, but I really like how it looks under the bust on this dress!

I was really happy with this look, and felt cool and comfortable in it. The only down fall, predictably, was that I was having a bad hair day, which is why I threw the black thick headband on. Keep it down and back, and forget about it! But in all honesty, I miss having longer hair... *sigh*

Black strapless maxi dress - Lefties, Size XL - 19.99 euros
Light green jacket - H&M, Size 44 - 20 euros (on sale. Originally 39.95 euros)
Red and Brown Belt - Mango - 19 euros
Handbag - Little bag shop @ Avenida de America Bus Station - 24 euros
Sandals - Little shoe and bag shop outside Avenida de America Station - About 14 euros

Much Luv´, 

Rebequita Rose


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