OOTD: Miss is doing it Dolly Style...

Today was story telling day at school and I had volunteered to be today´s story-teller a few weeks back, as I am quite a good story teller.

I speak with lots of emotions and put on lots of funny faces and funny voices which make the kids listen and laugh, but I came close to not being able to go through it thanks to a nasty chest infection I have at the moment. Fortunately, I managed to stick to my word despite feeling very poorly!

I spent a couple of days (and quite a bit of money) on making the storyboards / pictures for the stories which I was planning to tell the children. I was worried they might not like the stories, or understand everything (as these children are spanish and my job is to teach them english without using any spanish),  but they understood everything which made me feel really proud, and on top of that their appreciation of it today made every penny and every second that I spent on it all, totally worth it! - Teaching is a rewarding but under-valued profession!

The story I made up and drew out for the really little ones was basically about two dolls that come to life and rescue a "neglected" doll. That then made me think that it might be a nice detail to also indulge in some border-line "fancy dress" for the story telling, like a professional story-teller/theatre would probably do... 

So I opted for a dolly-fied look today
with my pale pink H&M mid-length tutu and cream lace waistcoat...

I bought this skirt well over a month ago after wanting a tutu skirt for ages, but today is my first time wearing it. I kept trying it on when getting ready to go out, - including almost wearing it to see Los Miserables with my mum when she was here - but then I always kept deciding not to wear it for some reason or other. I also played with the idea of taking it back, which is why until thismorning it still had the label on. - Though I had sort of decided to keep it after seeing my friend Cerise´s OOTD post entitled I feel wicked in White, which inspired me to not give-up on this little beauty so quickly. (Click here to see Cerise´s post). I´m so glad I decided to keep it in the end, as I can´t think of anything else I could have worn for today that would have been entirely appropriate. Yeah, I have lots of little cute skirts, but those are all quite short and I´ve already had one friendly "telling-off" from the headmistress about wearing a dress that was (in her opinion) too short for school, so I figure it´s best to keep the legs put away as much as possible when going to work, which is not easy when it´s skorching hot out here at the moment!

Anyway, I´m really in love with how light weight and flowy this skirt is, and how it moves when I move. I got complimented by one of my colleagues, who in my opinion, is one of the classiest and best dressed women in my "cycle", so that was flattering. She thought the skirt and waistcoat were beautiful and wanted to know where I had gotten them from. She thought this look, (minus the top I wore under the waistcoat) could be perfect for a wedding, or a christening, and I agree... Believe it or not, this skirt is actually a size UK12. It fits me because the waist is elasticated and could probably fit anyone upto about a size 20/22. My only "complaint" about this skirt though, is that the elasticated waist digs in a bt too much for my liking, creating rolls around my tummy and upper back area that normally aren´t there. But, teamed up with something that isn´t too tight fitting on top, that isn´t a major issue. I have also tried to stretch the elastic on the waist out, but it didn´t really make the skirt any looser as far as I could tell.  

It was also my first time wearing this necklace. I got it months ago from Sfera. It cost about 7 euros I think, though I can´t remember if it was on sale on or not. I just loved how cute it is, but hadn´t gotten round to wearing it until today. I thought it was the prefect accessory for an overly girly dolly-fied look.

For now though, this wannabe-dolly-girl (who looks more like a sad, girly clown in the next photo), is exhausted and feeling very poorly, especially after a late night finishing off the large cardboard story-picture boards, and then carrying them around all day since before 8am in this huge and very heavy case...

So, I am going to leave this post as it is and head to bed with my box of antibiotics and a warm cup of tea with lots of honey and lemmon!


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