OOTD: Black Tuesday

Jumpsuit = Dorothy Perkins Boob Tube + Trousers from Alcampo

This entire outfit was inspired by the Asos Curve Exclusive Jersey Bandeau Jumpsuit, which I featured in my previous post entitled Asos Curve Wish List... *sigh*.

I did mention in that same post that I would not be purchasing any of the items I had been drooling over that day, but that I thought I could re-create that black jumpsuit look as a two peice outfit, by combining black trousers with a black boob tube, and violá! - This is how it came out. It´s not exactly the same look, but it´s as close as I´m ever going to get, and I can´t say I am disappointed with the results. It might have worked better with some wedge-sandals, but these shoes are sooooo much more comfortable that wedges if I´m going to be standing my feet all day! <3 I´ve had this boob tube for at least five years now and it still works for me! You might remember it from this previous post. <3 As for the jacket and scarf look, that was to get me through the day job as a boob tube is not appropriate for my day job (or almost any day job), and it worked as nobody seemed to notice I was wearing a boob tube; but I started to get annoyed at having to pull at the jacket all day, and making sure the scarf was covering my cleavage, so I won´t be wearing this to work again, unless my next day job is a lot more lenient on what makes appropriate work-wear!

I included the headshot for two reason. One, to show you guys how much my hair has grown in no time! And to show you that the only make-up I wore today with this outfit, was mascara and no foundation. If you are wondering how I get my skin to be so clear and smooth, it´s simple. A) I have a generally good-skin gene and B) I know my skin type, and only use products that are designed for my skin type, which is acne-prone! People always react with shock when I tell them that´s my skin type, followed by, "But there isn´t even one single spot on your face! It always looks so clean and fresh and flawless!" lol. Yeah! Because I use the right stuff on my face!

What do you guys make of
this boobtube + trousers = jumpsuit idea?

Belt / Cinturón - Parfois - 14.90euros
"Jacket" / Chaqueta - H&M - 9.95euros
Scarf / Bufanda - Gifted / Regalo
Boob Tube / Camiseta Palabra de Honor - Dorothy Perkins - Old / Viejo
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