ASOS Wish List... *sigh*

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Can you believe I have NEVER purchased anything from Asos?
I´m serious! I´m not a big mail-order-shopping fan in general, and if I have ever purchased anything on-line (clothes-wise) it´s usually from somewhere where I have gone into the store, seen something I like, tried it on, and for whatever reason didn´t purchase at the time. I have tried to buy things on-line which I haven´t physically seen in store, and from what I remember, I was almost always disappointed with what I got, though I can count the amount of times I have done that on just one hand so... Today I decided to browse through Asos Curve, and saw these things which I liked! I won´t be purchasing them for several reasons, but if there was an Asos Store around, I´d definately be running to the fitting room to try these little beauties on!
Do you like them too?
 The Black Jersey Bandeau Jumpsuit I can probably "re-create" by wearing my black "harmem" trousers from H&M with my black boob-tube from Dorothy Perkins. I will do that and post it! Promise!
Speaking of jumpsuits and playsuits...

 I actually own three. I can´t say I have worn them very often, but the fact that I have purchased any jump/playsuits and actually worn them out, is a victory for me in itself, as it´s something I thought would never suit me as I am an apple!
When we try something new which we have been avoiding out of fear, and then discover that there was no reason to be afraid of that thing we were avoiding, it´s both liberating and rewarding.

When was the last time you pushed yourself out of comfort zone, and tried something new?

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