XL OOTD: Purple Dress from Mango

I have had this dress for about two months or so now. I kept wanting to blog about it, but with all the drama that has been going on in my personal life, blogging was forced to take a back seat! But I am blogging about this dress now, and sometimes late is better than never, right? 

I have always worn this dress with thick black tights and my flat, black boots from Evans, but with the weather being so nice at the moment, today I wore it with just a pair of nude tights for the first time. I thought nothing of it, until I left my house and noticed a lot of men staring at my legs, and then later in the day my boss took me to one side and said sweetly, that although she thought I looked very cute, she thought the dress was far too short for work. She was really nice to me about it, so I can laugh it off, but I now know to never wear this work ever again! lol. 

As for the rest of the outfit, I wore this dress with a cardy and a triangular scarf with a lace edge to protect from the slightly chilly morning breeze. Despite the unwelcomed stares, and the friendly hemline warning from the boss, I thought this look, overall, was very me, and I will defo wear this again!  - Just not to work! (Like I said before).

Here are some photos of the rest of this outfit...

I have a random, but cute, flower tied onto this handbag... It was given to me in a shop the other day as I walked in. I can´t remember the name of the shop, but the overly friendly, overly sweet shop asistants in that shop always give a flower to anyone who walks in.
And these are the shoes I wore...
I guess these might make me look like I barefoot from a far, but I don´t care about that. I love how cute these shoes are to me! I find the details adorable!
As for my health, I saw my traumatologist. We looked at the MRI Scan results and it seems my foot is "ok" now, only I´m still in pain and swelling all up my left side! So the Doctor has ordered a new set of tests. He told me to try and get by without the crutches from now on, and prescribed some insoles for my shoes, especially since almost every pair of shoes I own is completely flat because I find those the most comfortable. If you look closely at the (cropped) photo below, you will notice that my left leg is slightly swollen, especially the lower part from my ankle upwards.

On a slightly chirrpier note though! I am really happy with my hair today...

...and I am really a truly amazing book! It´s a novel called I am a Cat

It is a hilarious, satirical criticism of society, written by the japanese writer Natsume Kinnosuke (1867-1916), who published under the pseudonym, Natsume Soseki. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves to read and likes to question society as well as the general meaning of life. I can´t wait to read more of Natsume Soseki´s books once I have finished reading this book!

I am totally a Natsume Soseki fan!

You can find out a bit more of what this book is about here. Like I said, I promise you, this book is genious and definately worth reading! 

Cute dresses and brilliantly genious books aside, I have recently emptied out my closet of almost everything I never wear! It´s just plain depressing to be face-to-face with a wardrobe full of clothe whilst having that "I-have-nothing-to-wear" feeling. So I have boxed it all up, and plan to try and sell them! I usually give my stuff away to friends, or charity, but this time I want to try and sell what I can, if I can. Do you guys have any ideas or suggestions on how I can do that best and fastest? I have thought about setting up an eBay shop, or checking out etsy... But this is all so new to me, I could do with some advice! I have also been investing in some new peices for the summer, so I have lots of newbies to play around with and show you guys! As this is a puente week end in Madrid, (that would be the equivalent of a bank holiday weekend in London), I am going to get out of Madrid for two or three days! I think I deserve to treat myself to a change of scenary after so many weeks or tough luck and illness! So if I am quiet again, that is why!

Finally, I wish all you guys a really great weekend! 

Much Luv, 

Rebequita Rose


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