Igigi by Yulia Raquel : Gloria Dress in Bordeux Review

A few weeks ago - or maybe months ago rather - I was approached by the staff at Igigi by Yulia Raquel to review an item of my choice from their website on my blog. Excitedly, I agreed as I had heard fabulous things about their clothes, and remember being impressed by their film "16", by Marc DePaola, which starred my favourite plus size model, Fluvia Lacerda, and which set out to "show that beauty is not confined to a specific size or shape".  (You can view Pt.1 on YouTube, here). I almost instantly started to look through the contents of their website! 

Before I continue, I want you to know that I will be completely honest here about my opinions when it comes to this particular dress. I also want to make it clear, that I cannot comment on Igigi by Yulia Raquel in general, as I only have this dress which they gave me to go by, so all comments and criticisms are only about the dress in this review! 

So here goes the good and the bad...!

My original choice for review had been the Francesca Dress in Black (which is modelled by my favourite Plus Size model, Fluvia Lacerda), but it was out of stock, so I was told to pick something else. So I chose the Gloria Dress in Bordeux instead as I liked the colour and the wide neck line, and, thought I could play around with it by accessorizing it differently to create lots of different looks with it. Once I made and confirmed my choice, I waited, and prayed that I would not be disappointed when I got the dress "in the flesh", so to speak.

Firstly, I was seriously impressed with Igigi by Yulia Raquel´s customer services! The parcel was delivered rather quickly, especially considering it was coming to europe (Spain) from the USA! I really liked the way it was packaged, and if my memory serves me well, it even came with a wooden hanger, which may seem trivial, but in my experience, most places don´t give you hangers, so... Anyway, what then struck me as I opened the package, was the quality of the garment and how much I liked the colour! What disappointed me however, was that as soon as I tried it on, I instantly realized that it was a bit big on me from the waist up. I had chosen the size 18-20 based on the size guide on the Igigi by Yulia Raquel website, despite the fact that my gut told me I should size down! But then if I had sized down, the dress would have probably been too tight around the tummy area, so I figured a fit that was a bit too big on top would be better than a fit that was too tight in the middle section, as I have a few hang-ups when it comes to my "firm" but "not-so-flat" tummy! The other thing was, that for some reason, I expected the material to be a lot thinner and "cooler". Instead, the material is thick and stretchy. This is not a bad thing, it just means that I will only wear in the colder seasons.

As soon as the dress arrived and I took it out of the box, I quickly set to work to try and acessorize it in a billion different ways, and I just kept thinking it would suit a 50s inspired look. I liked the idea of teaming it up with a thick fur collar, and stilletos, but as I don´t wear heels, the stillhetto´s bit wasn´t going to happen, and I don´t own a thick enough fur collar, and when I tried to buy one, no-one had what I was looking for!  Everything was too small, too big, or too expensive!

As the top part of the dress fits somewhat loosely, there was a serious risk of bra-exposure, which I am not a fan of, and there is also a bulge on the upper back area which I wanted to fill out, so I wore a vest top underneath. It might sound like a bad move for a dress of that style, but I found it gave the neck line a (not needed) lift, as well as protecting my modesty, even if it did little for the buldge at the back! I also found the colour to be pretty neutral as well, so it seemed to match almost any colour accessory which is never a bad thing! 

One thing about this dress, is that if you are under the age of 50, this dress looks much better with bare legs or flesh coloured tights than dark coloured tights, as I think that this dress with dark coloured tights looks harsh and rather "mature"! I have tried both looks repeatidly, and I always feel the same way about that detail! - I know I am wearing dark coloured fancy tights in the look I put together for this review and post, but that was down to the fact that my left leg was somewhat swollen, (thanks to the Plantar Fasciitis) and I wanted to "hide" that. - I promise I will do a review of this dress with nude colour tights at some point in the future, and you guys can compare the looks, and tell me if it´s just me being paranoid! 

Overall, I like this dress a lot. I don´t feel completely happy with how I styled it, as I think I went a bit OTT with the details in the accessories, and perhaps a bit of 50´s inspired make-up would have helped... I might re-create this look whilst the temperatures stay lowered... I´m not promising though! 
So... Your thoughts and opinions?

 This next photo makes me laugh! I am so not used to seeing myself in sunglasses! I think it just all looks a bit too much with the sunglasses and the umbrella, but I guess we live and learn so... Feel free to laugh! *wink*

That said however, the umbrella sort of played "walking stick" here, as I didn´t want to do the review with my crutches in the photo...
Here is a photo that captured the "back buldge", which meant I had to keep pulling the dress down at the back so it wouldn´t balloon...

But like I say, the oveall quality of the dress is so good, I don´t see this as a major issue, and I wouldn´t mind maybe investing in having the dress taken in at the back in future!

The rest of the look consisted of the following accessories...

A sequinned belt from Sfera... Patterned tights from H&M... Black and white ballet pumps from a random little shop in the Goya Barrio here in Madrid... a plain white scarf... a ruffley umbrella from Zara with little black squares that look like polka dots from afar... and some black and white sunglasses from Bijou Bridgette...

The shoes and tights are my fave acessories though! I´d been craving a pair of shoes like this for ages, but hadn´t found a pair that I liked and that fit until now...

I keep feeling like I am forgetting something, but as I have to dash now, I am going to post this as it is! I am already way behind the deadline for this review! Btw, please excuse any typo´s you might stumble across!

Finally! I want to say a big, fat, THANK YOU, to Igigi by Yulia Raquel for choosing me to do this review, and for being so understanding about my delay! I love this dress, and I look forward to creating different looks with it! 

I will do the H&M floral trouse post tommorow, and show you guys how my hair looks curly!

Until then my sweeties,

Much Luv, 

Rebequita Rose!

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