I am alive... but not too well...

Hi everyone! I hope you are all well! 

It feels like a life time ago since I last blogged, but I have a good excuse! 

After what was months of suffering from laringitis, an ear infection, (which I suspect has returned, btw), loss of my voice and vertigo, I then get an extremely nasty and painful dose of  Plantar Fasciitis in my left foot, which is why I am curently getting about on crutches. It´s apparently one of the most common foot problems out there, but it seems like nobody except doctors has ever heard of it. Don´t worry, I don´t plan to bore you with an explanation of what it is. However, if you are curious, you can find out more about what and why, here and here; and here you can watch/listen to one young woman´s testimonial of her experience with Plantar Fasciitis. From what I have read, it´s most commonly caused by, (amongst other things), walking/running too much, wearing shoes which are too flat/too high and being overweight - and I am guilty of all three! Tut-tut! I had an MRI scan done a few days ago, and I am going to collect the results later today so that tommorow my doctor can see exactly what´s going on in my foot. The not-so-nice thing is, that he - the doctor - said he thought it had got "complicated" when I last saw him, hence why now I also have sharp shooting pain that runs up my leg, thigh and hip, and a very sore knee that gets stiff. Fingers crossed he won´t have to deliver too much bad news tommorow! - I´m petrified that he might tell me that he will need to operate on my foot! 


Wish me luck!  

Moving on to slightly more pleasant topics, I have been itching to show you guys this top I got from H&M a few weeks back. I sort of grabbed if off the rail out of curiosity more than because I actually liked it, and when I tried it on, I thought it was perfect! I can think of so many different ways to wear this top!

I also got my hair cut recently...

I had lots of length chopped off to "cure it" of all the burnt ends, but I can´t say I´m overly happy with it being so short. If I am completely honest, I feel ugly and like I have lost a huge chunk of my femininity! The plan had been to cut it short and leave it curly in a big hair way, but my hair just kind of shrivels up when it´s left curly, so I feel the need to straighten it in order to avoid looking like a clown!

I wore the outfit you can see in these photos to work before the easter holidays. At the time, the tempertaures had really risen a lot, so the outfit was perfect! I felt cute, got lots of compliments for the blouse, and didn´t melt away under the hot spanish sun! I accessorized with my Owl neclace from Sfera. I consider it to be one of my most extravagant necklaces, and also one of my favourites! 

The short jeans are from H&M´s BIB sectionm, as their size 46 trousers (and unelasticated skirts) are generally too small me (unlike H&M´s size 44-46 tops). 

My next post will be an Igigi by Julia Raquel Dress Review, and an OOTD post from over the weekend, so please make sure to check those out! 

Much Luv,

Rebequita Rose! 



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