Floral Pants

I´m not sure what to call these trousers... I tried them on several times befor deciding to actually get them, and now own three pairs in this style! And I couldn´t be happier about that fact! They are just soooo comfortable, - they are loose but sort of fitted at the same time, which means they don´t hang wierdly at the crutch or sag over the buttox (and God knows I don´t have a very big behind) - and the floral print on the material is so cute, that I can´t ask for much more!

The trousers / The pants:

I threw this look together over the weekend when I popped out briefly to get some bits and bobs for a chicken soup I had been craving all morning!

It´s such a comfortable outfit. I know I am going to wear this look over and over again! I simply cannot stress how comfortable these trousers are! I absolutely LOVE them! They are going to be staple peices in my wardrobe this spring and summer! - AND! They are an L size from H&M! - You might remember that yesturday I mentioned that if I want to get trousers from H&M, I have to get them from the BIB section if they are going to fit. Well, these are now the exception!

Btw, if I look a bit miserable, it´s cos I´m currently in pain and I put my crutches to one side to take these photos... I´m seeing my traumatologist later this evening to see what´s going on in my left side at the moment! I just want the pain and the swelling to go away! Pronto! I promise I will try to smile more in my photos in future *promise*


About the Blazer:

I had been wanting this blazer for ages! I saw it in H&M when it first came out, and the size 46 seemed to have sold out really quickly! I had the last size 46 reserved for me, and for some reason I didn´t go get it the next day! I don´t remember why, I just remember going back for it two days later and there were no size 46 blazers left and they weren´t expecting anymore to come in either. Then about a week ago I find this in the H&M sale rack. It was the only one I saw. And not only was it a size 46, but it was HALF PRICE! So I paid 20 euros instead of just under 40 euros! It had to be a sign that this blazer was meant to be mine! It is now another staple peice in my wardrobe, which I know I will get a lot of wear out of for a really long time! The grey scarf you´ve seen a billion times over on this blog. It´s the one my cousin got me about two years ago for my birthday.

About the rest:

I got this little navy bag from Blanco. It was half price in the sale, so it only cost me about 6 or 7 euros, instead of about 12 or so. It´s really practical!

As these trousers are loose, and hang kinda low, I wore a pair of navy tights under them - Partly to protect me from the pain that chub-rub causes, and to avoid wearing the shoes barefoot. On my feet, I wore a pair of plain, light brown/mustardy pumps. Nothing amazing, but still cute and comfy!

As for my hair, I keep trying to make it work curly, but I am never happy with the outcome! It just shrivels up, and does nothing for my face! When I got it cut, I was hoping to end up with a sort of... "femenine afro"... It´s not what I got at all! It looks a lot better straightened, but then that defeats the point, which was to stop straightening it so it could grow out healthy! - Well, at least my hair grows quickly, so I will be able to stop moaning about it in the not too distant future! lol. I guess I just have to thank God I have hair! lol!

Any tips on how I can get my hair to do what I want when it´s left curly?

Much Luv,

Rebequita Rose



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