Happy Chinese New Year, folks!

Lastnight a friend of mine had a house party in honour of the Chinese New Year, and this is what I wore.

I had been up since 5:30am, and at work since 8:30am. I didn´t get home til just before 10pm, and was too tired to think about what to wear. - Not that what I would have worn would have mattered to anyone other than me, but I like to wear things that I consider to be pretty. Especially when I felt really rough from being up since so early, and being on my feet all day! As I am rarely home, my laundry can really pile up sometimes, and yesturday I felt like I had nothing clean and nice to wear! I could have worn jeans and a t-shirt, and dressed it up with accessories and my blazer, but I had worn jeans all day - as you guys know if you saw my Friday OOTD post from yesturday - and I didn´t want to spend all night in jeans as well!

So what was I to do?

I ended up throwing on a floral Zara dress/top/tunic summery thing with short sleeves and a single layer ruffle over the bust area. I wore it with grey winter tights, light grey leg warmers, (as I thought the boots didn´t look right set against the tights alone), a thin, long-sleeved grey cardy thing, and then my long, sleeveless pink ruffles waistcoat from H&M - which you guys have seen in one of my previous posts. They were all summer/spring clothes, but layered up, I didn´t feel the chill. I also wore a grey "mini-skirt" from H&M under the top/dress. I was so glad I did once I was in the metro, as the breezes in there can be really strong and it kept blowing the top/tunic upwards! Over all of it, I threw on my black Festa blazer (which I live in and keep telling you guys about, but hadn´t shown you guys yet)! I then held it all in with my gold coloured buckle belt that I got with a green pleated tunic from Dorothy Perkins years ago. I love this belt, because its wide enough to fit around my hips, and its also hugs in what little I have of a waistline!

As for hair and make-up, I kept it VERY simple. I pinned a lot of it back "crazy style", wore my fridge, (which is too long once again) to the side, and left the back loose. I´m happy my hair is longer these days. I´m not a fan of short hair in general, so I can like how it looks on other people. However, I have never thought short hair looks right on me, so when it´s long, I prefer it much more! The only make up I wore was a bit of mascara, blusher and lipgloss.

I took these photos in the Metro when nobody else was around. It was passed midnight already, and then the trains pass much less frequently, so I grabbed those two minutes of solitude to take a few photos. Sadly, my cameras battery was at an all time low, which I think contributed to the blurriness of these photos. Then my camera switched off, and I couldn´t turn in on again, so I couldn´t try taking any more to find out if that was why they were coming out blurry!  Tut tut! It´s such a shame, because I look at these photos and think they would have been great if they weren´t so blurry! Ay ay ay! lol!

It´s funny how I would never have thought of wearing these items together, had it not been because I had so much laundry piled up! I guess it just goes to show that a bit of imagination can go a long way!

I hope you guys are also enjoying your weekend!

Much luv,

Rebequita Rose



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