H&M changing room Post : Pale Ruffles and faux leather

I´ll start with the top, and then move onto the faux leather skirt... I look forward to hearing your opinions!

This top doesn´t come with any sort of belt. It hangs loosely and sqaurely. So, although I thought it was absolutely adorable as soon as I saw it on the rail, I also knew it wouldn´t flatter my apple shape worn as it was being sold.

Above, you can see it with a black peice of ribbon tied around just under the bust to give the top - and my torso - some shape and the ilussion of a defined waistline by converting it into an empire top in a second. The peice of black cloth is actually the belt froma yellow "ra-ra" dress, (which you can see in the background). I really liked that dress, and it was really cheap at just under 20 euros. But the 46 - which was the biggest size available - was too small for me. Otherwise, I think I would have bought it!

Anyway, I did think that wearing this top with a bow of any kind might be a bit much. Too much sweetness, if you get me. So I grabbed a plain black belt, and liked it much better.

Ideally, I´d wear this top under a black blazer for day-time wear... But then I seem to live in my black blazer these days...

Do you prefer the ribbon, or the belt?

I´m not able to upload more photos to this post. The internet at my end keeps fazing out, and I have to dash now, as I have to be somewhere soon!

Sadly, these photos don´t show the faux leather skirt clearly, but it´s there! lol AND! Believe it or not, it´s from the H&M BB section (which most image conscious plus size woman aren´t fans of) AND it was on sale. I know some fashion-snobs out there might snigger at the "faux leather" bit, but so what! I´m the one wearing it, not them! - Besides, I get bored of clothes disgustingly quickly, so I try not to spend too lavishly on individual items. A real leather skirt would cost a lot more, and I have no idea if I would wear it often enough to make spending a lot of money on it worth my time and money. Perhaps if I wear this a lot, I might want a real leather one. Who knows!

I´m wearing it now as I type actually. It´s really comfy (and warm), but I shall elaborate more on another post! Perhaps my next one? I did want to do an OOTD post of what I´m wearing today, but I forgot my camera at home! If I have time, I might pop in to grab it and take some photos on the go later on!

I hadn´t thought of doing this top as a Valentines post, but thinking about it now, I guess this top is kind of romatic and Valentines-day-friendly... with a heels, soft waves /curls and a cute, girly clutch... But then I don´t wear heels...

What do you think?

Pale Ruffle Top: H&M (size 46) 24.95/99 (full price)
Faux Leather Skirt: H&M BB (size 48) 14.95 (reduced from 24.95)

Much luv,

Rebequita Rose



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