Fridays OOTD : If I were a boy...

I´d probably be a drag queen!


A not-so-feminine pose, for a not-so-feminine look!

I thought I´d share this outfit with you guys because it is so different what I normally post on my blog.

As you can tell, this took two minutes to throw together this morning. The actual outfit was meant to be these jeans and the t-shirt I am wearing under this jumper. Instead, I never took the jumper off all day, and this is now my OOTD.

The ripped jeans are from Dorothy Perkins...

and the jumper,
which I´ve had for a year or two now,
is from Zara menswear section.

About Dorothy Perkins jeans...

Dorothy Perkins jeans size are also sold by length. These are a size 18, long, and they are too big and too long for me - but not too big and too long to be worn every now and again, although I should probably invest in a belt for these jeans! lol Now, if you have never purchased DP jeans before, I highly recommend them! They are not expensive and the quality is good! If you are thinking of purchasing a pair on-line, but are unsure of which length to order, read on! I am 5 foot 7.5 inches tall. That´s 1.75 tall. That´s slightly taller than the average woman, if it´s true that the average woman is about 5 foot 5 inches / 1.55 tall. I´m not a giant, but I´m not exactly short either! Still, DP long jeans are too long for me, and my legs are not short! So if you are my height, choose the regular length, and if you are smaller, then I´d say, go for the short length!

Obviously, I am not wearing any make-up at all, but I am wearing a hat!

I got this hat from a stall called Juliarte at Atocha Renfe station the other day for 5 euros. I really love this hat. I love how I can wear it far from my face and it doesn´t slip off my head, no matter how much I move my head about! Normally, I have to pin a hat to my head if it was to stay in place! lol - I wish it would have been available in other colours! I guess they were sold out?

Anyway, I wish you all a fab weekend!

And here is the song that inspired this post´s title:

(with spanish subtitles, as I don´t like this song sung in spanish)

If you can´t see that here, then click here: Beyonce : If I were boy (with spanish subtitles)

Much Luv,

Rebequita Rose!


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