Elephant Love

Did you know that elephants are one of my favourite animals?

Well, if I didn´t, now you do!

So when I found these adorable elephant shaped earrings in a Bijou Brigette shop the other day, I couldn´t help but go, "Awwww", put up against my ear to see how they looked on me in the mirror, and then dash to the counter to buy them straight away! I found them discreet but incredibly cute at the same time!

Do you agree?

If you are wondering why I like elephants so much, watch theses little snippets below:

Elephants grieving - BBC wildlife

Elephants Mourning - National Geographic

Elephant Painting Self Portrait

Baby elephant is taught to paint by its artistic mum and dad

NATURE - Unforgettable Elephants - A Mother's Anguish - PBS

Nature - Unforgettable Elephants - Elephant is Born - PBS

Baby elephant mourning - BBC wildlife

But elephants can be dangerous!

Elephants never forget so don't upset them- Ultimate Killers - BBC wildlife

I guess elephants aren´t that different to humans!

Back to the jewellery...

I am a bit of a Bijou Brigitte "fan". I often purchase accessories from there, and they do fantastic sales! Althought these earrings were not on sale, I have recently been taking advantage of those sales, so I shall be posting about that in time!

Much Luv,

Rebequita Rose


Elephant shaped earrings: 3.95, Bijou Brigitte

Nerdy documentary snippets about elephants: YouTube.com, lol

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