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I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to e-mail me recently to let me know that they were unable to comment on my blog, (due to my "members only" comment setting) and to let me know how much they liked my last post "Not Everyone´s Cup of Tea".

Seriously, it meant so much to me that there are people out there who like my blog enough to be bothered to e-mail me about stuff like that! So big, big, THANK YOUS to all of you! Mwuah! I have now changed my settings back so ANYONE can comment now.

Just for the record! The reason I had changed my settings before though, was because I started getting "spam" for comments, with links to what I suspect were dodgy, virus-infected websites. It was getting really annoying to have to siv through rubbish and then mark them as spam, etc, that I wanted only genuine comments, and I thought that if only my blog followers were able to comment, the problem would be solved. However, it seems that what I did was something rather extreme, but which I did not realize at the time. I thought "members only" meant "only folowers can comment on this blog". I was wrong. It happens sometimes.

When I noticed that comments weren´t coming, I started to wonder if nobody like my blog anymore, and if nobody was even looking at it, and was I wasting my time by blogging. I don´t think many people are aware of much time and effort - and often money - can go into a keeping blog!  And I know I don´t blog for me. I blog because I want to inspire other plus size women out there to wear what they like, how they like, and not care about what anyone thinks of them! - If I am not doing that, then there is no point in continuing to blog! I was seriously thinking about stopping my blog altogether, but never said anything on here because I can´t stand blogs that scream "pity me". It´s just not me to whine and throw tantrums because people don´t comment on my blog or whatever. I know you have the right to not like my blog, me, or how I dress, etc. Para los gustos, colores. (To suit all tastes, there are a variety of colours)

So why do I want to inspire you? Well, because I haven´t always had the confidence to wear what I want, when I want and how I want. For years, I was afraid to do that, and hid behind black clothes and baggy clothes, and always "kept it safe". Now after having been a variety of weights and dress sizes over the years, I came to realize that how we feel about ourselves, and how the rest of the world sees us, is not defined by a number - whether it be ones dress size, ones age, or the number on the scales - but by our self respect. Our accepting and loving ourselves unconditionally. Doing what makes us happy. It´s so liberating!

I remember one of my drama teachers back in London once telling us that in order to be able to take care of someone else, we must first be able to take care of ourselves. That means loving ourselves and accepting ourselves. The realization that nobody is perfect and we can never fully please everyone. I have to say, I really agree with that mentality. So here I am. Braver. More confident. And happier. And I just wanted to share the love and hopefully inspire someone else out there to to be more appreciative of themselves, love themselves, and dress however they please! - If I manage to influence just one other person positively, then my job here is done!

Anyway, this wasn´t meant to be some Dear Diary style post. Just a simple, but heartfelt and loving THANK YOU to all my followers, all my readers, and especially, to those who take the time to stop by and read my blog and/or e-mail me!

Much luv,

Rebequita Rose

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