HAPPY 2011!!

I have been a very naughty blogger lately! I haven´t been updating as often as I would like! This is party due to the cold weather, camera issues, a few personal issues, and perhaps most of all - much less internet access than usual! However, my blog is never forgotten in my mind, so...

I have been stocking up on the outfit photos, a lot of which I hadn´t got round to posting on my blog until now,

for the reasons stated above!

Here are a few of those photos... I´m sure I have more, so there might be a Part Two of this!

I got this 2-in-one dress from Momu in their summer sale, and it only cost 6 euros. It´s a bit big on me, but that´s ok, as I can wear it off the shoulder! Its the dress I wore on my way to the beach in Cataluña, over my bikini :) Speaking of that day and my bikini,

I had meant to tell you guys about the sarong I wore that bikini with,

but couldn´t find the photo file to include it in that post! Now I´ve found it, here it is...!

When I got this dress (see photo below), from H&M´s garden collection, I was in love with it! I couldn´t wait to get home and try a load of different ways to style it, and share all my ideas with my blog readers. And style it I did! But that look never made it to the blog either...

Here I had tied it in under the baust with a thin navy belt. I wore short leggings with the lace detail under it, also from H&M, which I got for 3 euros each in the H&M sale. And on my feet, are some adorable, flat, navy sandals that go around the ankle and are super comfy to walk around in.

This next one is not an outfit, but an accessory.

I got this Elephant Neckalce from Blanco, also last summer. If my memory serves me correctly, this was not a sale purchase, but it was worth every penny.

I still love it and when I wear it, I feel great! Its such a statement peice and I always get compliments for it!

Another accessory which I own and love, and meant to blog about, is this

knitted headband...

It looks like a hat from the front, and keeps your head just as warm as hat does, but is a headband! See?

I got it in white and black, from Blanco. They were about 5 euros each if I´m not mistaken. Again, I don´t think these were sale items, and although I don´t wear them all that often, they were worth every penny! It´s ideal if you ever feel likw you want to keep your hair off your face without having to tie it up or hide it under a hat, whilst keep your head warm at the same time!

A more recent purchase I wanted to blog about, are these boots with the chains on them.

These were an "emergency" purchase. As I have mentioned a gazillion times before, I really struggle to find shoes that fit in Spain, so I try to spend as little as possible on them out here, to avoid wasting loads of money on shoes that might never fit quite right after walking around in them. These are a EU size 41. I got these from a random shop, reduced from just under 20 euros, to 12. I lived in them for a good three weeks! I didnt expect them to last very long. Just long enough for me to not go barefoot until my trip to London, where I would get some decent shoes that fit properly from Evans. These lasted longer than expected! And I still wear them!

Another recent purchase again, is this t-short from Lefties.

Now, before anyone comments on how "thin" I look in this photo, trust me! Its angles and lighting! I am not thin!

I got this t-short from Lefties. I think it cost about 6 euros or so. I was in two minds about getting it, as it is a bit of a tight fight, even in an XL. But I just really liked the pattern on it, and it´s one of those things that I would regret not getting, especially when it cost so little!

I just think it´s such a pretty t-shirt! So cute and girly :)

I´ve also been stocking up on the accessories. I am a big believer in accessories being able to transform an entire outfit. - It´s another thing I have been wanting to blog about!

Two of my latest accessory purchases, are this ring...

which I got for 3 euros from one of the market stalls at El Rastro - A really famous street market in Madrid!

And this multi-coloured scarf...

The scraf I got from a Chinos in the centre of Madrid for 5 euros.

I am so in love with it. I cant stop wearing it!

I also just got back from London. I was there for about ten days, but to be honest, it was so cold I didn´t do much! I dod however, get news shoes from Evans and a few pairs of Jeans from Dorothy Perkins. I struggle to get shoes and trousers in Madrid that fit properly, and as I consider them vital necessities, I made sure I put them on my wish list for christmas, and Santa made my wish come true.

I guess I was been a really good girl last year!

*wink wink*

As for New Years Resolutions...

 I don´t bother with those. I´d like to be more on the ball with my blog though. Grow my fringe out. Try to be more punctual. - A s a friend of mine once said to me, "I wouldn´t say your time keeping is atrocious. I´d say it simply doesn´t exist." lol. But most of all, I want to get over my shyness.

The amount of people of have misjudged me for being shy, and just assumed I´m just rude and/or unfriendly, is probably really high, and that´s never good. I guess if I have a New Years Resolution, it´s to fight my shyness!

Till next time my dears,
Much Luv,

Rebequita Rose!

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