GORDOS (includes nudity)

 I have been itching all day tell you guys about this film which I discovered yesturday evening!

It´s called Gordos, (which literally means "Fatties" in english), and it´s the first time I have seen a film which revolves primarily around fat, without the production being cheap and tacky; and without being insensitive, whilst at the same time, still "keeping it real". I wouldn´t say that it was a flawless portrayal of the lives of fat people, but overall, I think its an EXCELLENT FILM, and I highly recommend it! - You see the actors as they loose and gain weight as well! The storylines will make you laugh and cry, and I´m sure we can all relate to at least ONE of the characters in this film! - Even the "ex-thin", sporty, diet conscious, but now heavily pregnant woman, who hates feeling fat and has a relationship breakdown due to that!

Now, before you view the film trailer which I have inserted here, (below), please note that IT INCLUDES NUDITY! So, if you have a problem seeing a lot of bare flesh, particularly the bare flesh of fat people, perhaps it´s best if you don´t check this out! - However, if that is not the case with you, then PLEASE do watch them!

Here is the trailer in Spanish: 

Sadly, I haven´t found a trailer in english! But I did find this website which discusses the film in english and has comments from people who have seen the film, or would like to see the film

There is also info in english on IMBD.com

It includes info about the cast as well! I thought the casting was spot on and the actors were all excellent actors!

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