Who doesn´t love Ponchos?

This is just a casual outfit I threw on last minute on wednesday for work, but I´m happy with how it came out.

Yes, it IS cold out here, so I was wearing TWO, THICK, jumpers underneath this to fight the cold.

I have always loved ponchos!

And this one made me smile all day...

It´s part my making the effort to dress cute in the winter months, without having to feel the cold too harshly!

I wore it with my Momu jeans which I have now had for just over a year. I have to say, I´m very happy with those jeans, as they have stood the test of time and being overworn. They haven´t ripped anywhere. I usually find that my jeans tend to die on me early on in their "life span" if I wear them too often, thanks to chub rub; making the material wear and tear in no time. But that hasn´t happened with these yet...

The poncho is new. I got it about two weeks ago, along with a "brown" version, and a different design grey one which I cannot wait to show you guys! - This one and its brown twin cos 11.95 each at a Chinos in the centre of Madrid, and the grey one, purchased from the same place, cost 25.99

Yes, they are cheap, but they don´t look or feel "cheap".

I have also re-embraced my love of big earrings lately.

As a teen, I loved in big hoops. Then in my mid-twenties, I starting to embrace studs. I don´t know why recently I have started wearing bigger earrings once again, but I have...

I got these big leaf-shaped earrings from on those "2 euro and 5 euro" shops that you see scattered all over Madrid nowadays. They are very light weight so they can be worn all day. And at 2euros, I can´t complain!

If this outfit had been a planned blog post, I would never have worn that multi-coloured patterened scarf with that poncho, but I just felt so comfortable in it that day! And it was nice to have a little splash of colouring going on somewhere. Plus, clashing patterns and colours not quit in my comfort zone, so I thought I´d share anyway :)

So, who else loves ponchos?

Much luv,
(You know the drill)

Rebequita Rose

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