Welcome to my Bathroom... My beauty products!

People are always asking me what hair products I use and what skin products I use. So, seeing as I won´t be updating my blog until next week now, I thought I´d end my posts for this week, on a positive note.

(My last post was about an ugly jumper. Bleh!)


Welcome to my bathroom!

I don´t wear make-up everyday like I used, but I do wear something at least one a week. Perhaps just a bit of blusher and lip gloss, but I don´t often wear a full face of make-up. It´s not photographed here, but I love MaxFactor´s powder to finish my make-up when I do wear a full face of make-up...

Other brands I use include Clinique, Deborah (for eye shadow), Kiko, (Again for eye shadow), and L´Oreal (mainly for mascara)... Oh, and I love Sephora eye-liner!

As for Skin care... (facial)

I don´t use fancy facial cleansers, toners, etc. I only use products designed for skin which is prone to acne/ spots, like mine is.

That bar of soap is Dermac, which was originally prescribed to me by a dermatologist in Venezuela. It really cleared my skin dramatically and I´ve pretty much always used it ever since! And yeah, I also use Clean and Clear products. And the Solucel is also medicated anti-acne/spot stuff which I believe is only available on prescription. Again, it works wonders for spotty skin and you see results almost instantly! Wheneve I have switched to other "upmarket" products, but which are not designed for spotty-prone-skin, I start to "break out" again.

Using skin products that are designed for you skin type is essential!

As for my skin elsewhere... Well, I exfoliate once a week all over. I like Carrefours almond flavoured skin exfoliant, and I also use a Sea-Salt thing that my mum buys in London.

And to moisturize, I used a body cream by Rituals...

To be completely honest, I am not a fan of Rituals products in general. I mainly don´t like the smell of most of their products, but I absolutely LOVE the smell of this cream!

A tiny drop of this goes a really long way and the smell is long lasting.

(I don´t use this on my face by the way!)

The other Rituals product I also really like, is their hand exfoliant...

That stuff smells heavenly and leaves your hands feeling and looking AMAZING!

I´m the sort of person who always has to have clean, "dry" hands, and I like my moisturizer to be effective in giving me silky soft skin, but without that initial "sticky" feeling.  - Well, this is that dream product! One thing I will say about this product is, try not to use it everyday!

As for hair stuff...

I am stilll doing the hair repair routine which I told you guys about several posts back, and I am still really enjoying having healthy looking ans healthy feeling hair once more :)

On a totally random note...

Have you guys noticed how cute my storage baskets are?

I have to say: God Bless Ikea!

I recently moved into my own place, and I have to say, it is such a luxury to be able to have all of my toiletries laid out in the bathroom! Seriously!

I´ve also been spending a LOT of time wondering around Ikea for stuff to make my new place more homely. More me.

I am totally on cloud nine at the moment!

I´m still ïn the infatuation phase, where I keep rearranging and re-organizing stuff all around the house!

This is what the bathroom organization is like at the moment...

... and if you look closely at the previous photos, it´s a different order.

I got these baskets because that unit of drawers thingy there, wasnt providing my stuff with a stable surface to "stand" on. Things kept toppling over eachother, and as I´m not a neat freak, I could see where the order was heading! And it wasn´t anywhere good. So I figured, I better get a rip sonner rather than later! LOL!

Once my place is a bit more "together", I´ll probably do a post on it to show you guys!

So, which beauty products do you use,
recommend and swear by?

Much Luv,
(Blah, blah, blah)

Rebequita Rose



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