Jumpers for a fat Girl... Part Two

First of all, PLEASE excuse the AWFUL HAIR! - I had brushed my hair when I took this photo, but my hair takes a while to settle down in the mornings.


I wanted to share this with you because I actually don´t like this jumper.

At all.

I think the colour - an almost orange shade of red, - along with its thick and unflattering "texture", are absolutely hideous. The ONLY two things I like about this jumper are the fact that its a V-neck (so its not going to create any extra chins), and the fact that its ridiculously warm.

Hold on. So if I hate this thing so much, why did I bother buy and wear it out of my house?

Because that´s how much I HATE the cold. It makes me do wear things I think are offensive to the eye.

Does anyone else out there do this too? Am I just pain wierd?


Rebequita Rose


Jumper: 19.95/99 at H&M
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