Jumpers for a fat girl... Part One

It´s no secret that I don´t like winter...

It´s also no secret that when its starts to freeze over, I loose all interest in trying to dress cute.

My morning "what-to-wear" routine starts to consists purely of thoughts such as, "How many jumper can I fit under this coat?", "How many pairs of thick, thermal tights and leggings can I squeeze on under these trousers/that skirt?", and how many thick pairs of socks can I wear in these boots?" - You get the idea!

And it doesn´t help that I find most winter clothes do not flatter a fuller figure. Finding something that´s cute, flattering and keeps one warm, seems to be such a hard job! And let´s face it. Who wants to walk around wearing thick, frumpy clothes that make ones torso look more like a sack of potatoes, instead of a curvaceous womanly body?

But this winter, I am trying my best to dress cute, as well as trying to keep warm at the same time!

I got this striped cream and navy jumper from H&M back in October, (19.95 euros) when my baby cousin Katherine was in Madrid on tour with her orchestra, Sinfónica Juvenil Teresa Carreño from Venezuela. I could have sat and listened to them play forever!

Here they are rehearsing...

I´m also going to try my best to do more outdoor shots when I can. Madrid is a beautiful city, with streets that have a lot of character! The photos above were taken in Sol.

This is now one of my fave winter purchases of this year!

I have been on a constant hunt for cute winter clothes, and I´ve found some really cute stuff! So there will be a lot of posts coming from me on that topic!

Until then,

Much Luv,

Rebequita Rose


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