More Stripes...

I can´t decide if this is a long jumper, or a short knitted dress...

I got some mirrors from Ikea for my new place which were super cheap, but are still in their packaging and waiting to be put up. - Hence the dodgy marks on my mirror at the moment!

I wore this outfit on saturday to go finish packing up my things from my old place, so I wanted to wear something comfortable. Also, as my old place was in a town just outside Madrid centre, I knew it was going to extra cold; so I layered it all up. I wore a white thermal t-shirt, under my new H&M jumper/dress, followed my long demin shirt/dress which I bought and posted about months ago! To keep it cute, though, I threw on my bronze coloured sea-shell necklace.

I wasn´t sure about wearing the demin shirt/dress over the jumper/dress, but I was looking for warm and comfortable - in other words, practical - so I went with it anyway. But looking at these pictures now, I don´t think it was a an awful thing to throw on.

Have you put anything together which you weren´t sure about but then actually liked it?

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