Beautiful Christmas Post

I don´t mention much about my personal life on my blog, on purpose.

I know a lot of other bloggers do it, and a lot readers like it. However, I don´t feel comfortable making details of my private life "public property" via my blog. 

My blog has always been about how I dress, not how I choose to live my life in general, so I keep it "personal life free" for the most part.

However, on this occassion, I will make an exception, simply because yeaturday, I was so moved by reading this:


Dear Three Wise Men,
I ask that this Christmas, all the poor children in the world have food and toys.

I basically work as a sort of school teacher in my everyday life; teaching the children english. This letter was written by one of my six year old students to the Three Wise Men. (Spanish children don´t write gift requests to Santa, they write to The Thee Wise Men).

All of the other children wrote long letters, endlessly listing all the toys they want the Three Wise Men to bring for them this christmas.

But this kid only thought of all the poor children in the world who go hungry and don´t have any toys to play with...

There is hope yet that the next generation won´t be full of selfish adults who only care about themselves!
Oh, and check out how cute the litte envelope and stamps are!


Have you been touch or inspired by anyone or anything this Christmas?

I want to hear all about it!

*Insert smiley face here*

Much luv, Rebequita Rose

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