Shorts in Winter... A waistcoat over a Jumper...

First of all,  Happy Late Thanks Giving to all my American friends and readers!

Did you guys have a nice time? I hope so!

I´ve been LOVING the shorts over tights look from afar for ages.

But for a really long time I couldn´t find a pair anywhere that fit me right! Then I found these at H&M about two months ago. - I just hadn´t be able to do a blog post about them!

I don´t know if I´ve mentioned this before, but

I love waistcoats!

I got this waistcoat from a Chinos in the centre of Madrid last saturday.
I instantly loved it! So I got it straight away. 

I didn´t think I´d wear it over a jumper at the time though!

And I wore loads of different colour bracelets, all made of different materials, which is something I never do!

Can you guys see how much my hair has grown in no time?

I can´t wait for it to be "properly" long again!

I wore an extra layer to fight the chills, by adding a plain, almost black, long-sleeved t-shirt underneath the jumper... Nothing exciting, really...

As its really very chilly at the moment, I had to wear something else over this.

Luckily, it wasnt very cold on the day that I wore this outfit, so I could get away with this...

Who else is wearing shorts with tights this winter?

Much luv as always,

Rebequita Rose


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