Shoes, shoes, shoes!!

Hi everyone! How have you all been?

I know, I know! I´ve been a very naughty girl and still haven´t got my computer on the internet, which has resulted in me not updating my blog properly! (My camera´s memory card is FULL of OOTD photos just itching to be posted on here though)!

On a slightly more positive note note though, I have finally figured out a way to get photos on my blog even without having my computer connected to the internet. I take the photos on my mobile phone, then e-mail them to myself from my phone, then get myself on a computer that does have an internet connection, open my email, download the photos, then post them to the blog, and I´m sorted! YEAY! - I think its a handy temporary substitute until I can upload photos taken from my camera!

So, in light of my latest discovery, I thought I´d share these little gems with you!

As my current readers probably already know, I don´t wear heels (with the exception of wedges, and even then, that doesn´t happen very often)! Still, just because I wouldn´t wear something, it doesn´t mean I don´t, or can´t, appreciate its visual beauty! And these little babies just stole my heart...

I´d never wear them, mainly because of the heel, but I thought they were really pretty to look at!

I stumbled across them weeks ago when I was out shopping with one of my new housemates. I think they are Desigual Shoes, and cost about 70 euros, but don´t quote me on that as I might be mistaken!

Does anyone else like these shoes?

Much Luv,

Rebequita Rose!



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