OOTD: And they call it... Kitty Love!!

I am commiting a mortal blogging sin in this post by uploading photos taken of a mirror image!!

Soooooo, not cool!

But then, here´s what happened when I put my phone camera on self-timer...

Soooooo depressing!

(Which is a shame when I think this top is somewhat fun)!

So I think I live with the mirror image photos for now...

I wore this outfit to work today, paired up with wide leg jeans! I wore the black top under the white knitted kitty top, because its sooooo cold out here these days! (And its just going to get colder)!

Also, I´m so not happy about not having any full length photos of this casual work outfit! But I don´t have a tripod for my mobile phone... and it can´t balance on a make shift tripod like my camera can..! Ay ay ay... lol!

Seriously! I need to get my computer connected to the internet again! - Pronto!

- - - - - - - -

Black long sleeved top: H&M
White knitted top with kitty print: Blanco (50% off in their summer sale)
Grey Scarf: A gift from one of my cousins
¨"Silver" ring with black stone: Chinos - But you´d never think it!
Thick, black bracelet: Can´t remember - Probably Evans in London
XL Fusica studs: Again, can´t remember

- - - - - - - - - -

Much Luv,

Rebequita Rose

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