Back to Stripes... Keeping it simple

I´d like to tell you guys about my black and white striped H&M skirt...

I have to say! I absolutely LOVE this skirt to bits!

I seriously don´t understand why so many people have issues with bigger women wearing horizontal stripes!

This skirt was really cheap, but I think the quality isn´t bad at all!

This skirt isn´t something I wear very often, but when I do,
I feel it never lets me down.

Back in October I wore to the Hispanidad Festival in the centre of Madrid. It was like a big street party, so I kept it very casual and laid back, teaming it up with my old demin blazer, a plain black t-shirt, black tights, and flat boots! - This is the only full length photo I have of that night!

Calle 13 were playing live at the event. It´s not really my kind of music, but there was a really good vibe and lots of people dancing, so it was fun all the same!

How do you feel about big girls in horizontal stripes?

Much luv,

Rebequita Rose



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