Introducing my old childhood friend, Cerise and her blog...

Hello to all my beautiful and wonderful readers!

It feels like a life time since I last posted anything on my blog! Thing is, I moved house (mainly for work reasons) a few weeks ago, and there is no internet in the house.

I am still putting together outfits with my blog in mind and taking photos, but actually getting those photos onto a computer with internet connection, and then on to the blog, isn´t proving easy! But I promise I will do my best to sort something out as soon as I can though!

In the mean time...

I want to tell you guys about a blog which my friend Cerise set up not so long ago.

(Here we are hanging out together back in June when she came to visit me in Madrid. We are both wearing our new "off the shoulder" H&M tops as we hung out with another friend of mine in La Latina - My favourite area to hang out in in Madrid).

We have been friends since we were little, and she has always had great fashion sense. - She is actually my first real-life plus size fashion inspiration! I know you will enjoy reading her blog about life, love, dating, AND plus size fashion! - And I know her stories are all true, because I hear them before they go up on the blog, lol. - So I suggest you head over there and start following soon!

Here is the link:

Until next time my lovelies,

Much luv,

Rebequita Rose


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