Forgetting about bad hair days!

A year ago, my hair was exactly how I like it to be... Long, thick, and straight - Preferably with a fringe.

(See photo below from a year ago)

A year later, it was horrible! - Dry, brittle, and filled with split ends! 

So, I decided, heart breakingly, to have many inches "chopped off". It brought back vivid memories of me as a five or six year old, back in London. I had had my hair cut from about below waist length, to above shoulder length in one big sweep. I later cried myself an ocean worth of tears, and begged my mum to go back to the hairdressers to collect the chopped off hair and glue it back on! (Yes, I really was that innocent and naïve at the age of five/six). - Obviously, I have grown and matured in the last few years that have passed since then, so this time around I didn´t exactly cry about getting my hair drastically chopped off, but still, I´m not happy about having hair that is much shorter than I prefer it to be.

But it gets worse...

About two weeks ago I was seriously thinking about cutting my hair really short. Like  a boy! (Think Rhianna-style with half her head shaved, minus the shaved side. Click here to see the look I mean.) Not because I am suddenly a fan of short hair, but because I could still see split ends in my hair, and I thought the only way to truly get rid of them, was to just cut them all off until there were none left.

Thing is, no matter how much I love having long hair, I would rather have short healthy hair, than long, unhealthy hair! - You see my logic? So I walked into a random hairdressers in my new area to see if I could get it cut. I was feeling brave, and determined. However, when I go there, and I told the girl what I wanted, she said I didn´t need to get it cut. I just needed some really good quality hair repair treatments, and a very strong heat protector, as I do tend to wash and straighten my hair a lot. (I´m a bit of a personal hygiene freak, so my hair gets washed at the slightest sign of it not being squeaky clean).

I had been sticking to my "no more frequent hairr straightening" rule, but its getting a lot colder these days, and my hair is too thick to quickly dry naturally. It takes hours to dry naturally in this weather, so I need to dry my hair with a hairdryer these days, and although diffusers are meant to dry curly hair without messing up the curl, I have yet to find one that works on my hair! So yes, I have gone back to straightening until next spring/summe when I "can" wash and go! - In the meantime I want to grow it back, which, will also make it easier to "wash and go" in the warmer months!

But it gets better....

I almost rolled my eyes at the hairdresser´s suggestion of "hair repair" treatments, as I have never really "believed" in hair repair treatments. Still, I wanted to save as much hair length as I could, and as you know, I already felt my hair was too short as it was, so I decided to give it a go. And actually, it has worked! My hair is much stronger, and shinier now! I´ve even had people comment on the sudden improvement of the state of my hair, and asking about what I´ve been doing to it.

So what have I been using?

A gentle anti-dandruff Kérastase shampoo, a Redken protein spray and a Kérastase heat protector cream!

Sadly, I can´t upload any recent photos onto the blog today, but I will see to it that I sort that out asap! But, if you are having issue with damaged, brittle hair, and like me, you question "hair repair" treatments, I highly recommend you at least try these products! They worked for me!

Until next time my lovelies,

Much love,

Rebequita Rose!


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