An XL 70s inclined look...

I sort of stumbled into H&M yesturday afternoon, (as you do), and I walked out with this dress...

I paid for it first of course!! 29.95 euros to be exact. Funny thing is, I thought it was hideously ugly when I first laid eyes on it. I thought the colour was offensively monstrous, as it just hung there looking shapeless and boring beyond belief on the rail. I simply couldn´t imagine why anyone would like it, or how it could possibly look even half decent on anyone. Then I suddenly noticed the sleeves and thought, "Ooh, that´s interesting...", and then decided to try it on... just in case... Yeah. I´m wierd and fickle like that!

I was expecting the worst. Naturally. Only to be proved wrong once I got the thing on.
I tried on lots of other things that I thought were going to work, but believe it or not, none of them worked! I wore this dress to work today, with my new knee high black boots which squeezed by toes so much, that I actually got pins and needles shooting through my feet!

This style of boot doesn´t quite match the style of dress anyway. I did think that before I left the house, but I didn´t have time to change. Besides, I threw out most of my boots from last winter when the summer started, as most were a wreck, so I at the moment, I am working with what I have! I had been wanting a pair of boots that are at least knee high since forever, so when I found these that would fit passed my calf, I just had to buy them. I wasn´t counting on the toe torture though! So it might be the first and last time I ever wear them! As for the bag...

...It was actually a gift for my mum which I found on sale at the start of the summer. I meant to send it back with a friend who came to visit, but I forgot to give it to my friend to take back to London. Then literally the day after my friend flew back, I had to go somewhere and needed a cute bag which I could put loads of stuff in, and this one fit the bill. And I then I just kind of started using it all the time. Now it´s all mine... but when I did see my mum again, and she saw the bag, she commented on how much she liked it. When I told her it was actually for her, she laughed and said it was fine if I kept it... lol

Until next time my lovelies,
Much luv, Mwuah,

Rebequita Rose


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