Up close and personal with a P.H.A.T. girl : Episode One

Dear Readers,
Welcome to my first instalment of "Up close and personal with a P.H.A.T. girl". (Pretty, Hot and Thick) In this edition I have interviewed fellow plus size fashion blogger, LuAnne D'Souza, the author behind the blog Weesha´s World. (Link below). I asked her about her amazing hair, her fearless sense of style, her tatoos and how she handles those "fat" days most girls seem to experience!
I hope you will enjoy and be inspired!
Here goes...

Name age and location: LuAnne D'Souza, 24 yrs, Dubai, U. A. E

How would you describe your own style in three words and why?
Girly, edgy and different. I've always been labelled these three words so I guess they reflect my style.

Who is your biggest famous plus size style inspiration and why?
When I was younger, I loved Queen Latifah. She always looks so classy and beautiful. Now I lean more towards Beth Ditto because of how incredibly fearless she is!
Who is your biggest plus size real life inspiration and why?
I can't think of anyone. How depressing is that?

What is the one beauty item you can´t leave the house without?
Eye liner! I think I look drastically different without it.
Which is your one favourite item of clothing from your closet, and why?
It's impossible for me to choose just one but I think I'll mention my pink petal skirt. It's my favourite skirt :)

Do you have any fashion or beauty tips you´d like to share with the rest of the world?
Always remember that style and beauty are subjective, so do your own thing. There's nothing cooler than a person who has a very good sense of their self and aren't afraid to show it. Also, I think people underestimate how great a genuine smile makes you look.

You have amazing hair! What´s your usual haircare / hairstyle routine?
Thank you! I get a lot of weird looks when I answer this question but here goes:
I don't shampoo my hair because I feel like it's detergent for my hair. Shampoo makes my dry hair even drier. I condition my hair for an hour or more and then comb out the tangles in the shower. After that, I put in some serum and very little gel and then let it air dry. I don't brush my hair when it's dry, ever, because it just stretches out and frizzes my curls. I'm a big fan of John Frieda's anti frizz serum, curling spray (for days when my curls get stretched out) and Umberto Giannini's scrunching jelly.
I´ve noticed you shop in a lot of english shops, eventhough you live in Dubai. Why is that?
Haha this is true! and I didn't even realise it. Well, I'm pretty loyal to brands like New Look, Dorothy Perkins, Peacocks and now Matalan because I can honestly say my size has never been an issue at these stores. I've gone up and down between a size 12 to 18 and I've never had to change brands. I love stores that have stylish options for women of all sizes and these are the few places where trial rooms have been happy experiences instead of torment. If something doesn't fit perfect, I try on a bigger size. I don't have to be told that was their biggest size or mentally beat myself up in the mirror because I'm too big for the fab skirt I want.

You shop in a lot of "british" stores, eventhough you live in Dubai. Does this mean that you do a lot of on-line shopping?
I live in Dubai, and trust me, this city was invented for shopping. You get almost every major brand here and shopping is almost a culture or hobby here so I don't really shop online or anything.

What does the tatoo on the inside of your leg represent?
It says " I know I am not perfect but I can smile". It's a line from Dido's No Angel and I got it after I reached a better place in my life. I can't remember a time when I haven't struggled with being a big girl and low self esteem. I used to be bulimic in college and I've had some really bad phases after that too. There are some off days when I look at it and think 'liar' but most of the time it makes me proud of who I am today. I've come a long way in accepting my self and I have a long way to go.
Who are your top 5 favourite plus size fashion bloggers, and why... (inc links)
I am a big fan of girls who are fearless in their style. They wear whatever they want and look stunning in what is often portrayed as a skinny girl trend. These are just 5 of my faves, there are so many stylish plus size bloggers now!

Do you ever have "fat" days? If so, how do you "get over" them?
Hell yeah, everyone does. Sometimes, I let it get the best of me. I'll try on a dozen outfits and eventually the tears start rolling. I have a few go to items for these days, clothes that I'm not self conscious in and are super comfortable. Other times, I just avoid looking in the mirror. Or I'll lie to myself with a mirror that makes me look thinner. I know this plays against the self acceptance thing but it's just an off day that I need to get through because they're so awful, I really hate them! It's not always easy to remember that your size doesn't define you, especially if you think you look horrid in your fave top on a particular day. I'm usually back to myself a day or two later :)

Ok, now! Randoms for fun...

Chocolate or vanilla?
Dedicated chocoholic here :D
Sweet perfume of edgy perfume?
Sweet, edgy can sometimes be too harsh.
Flowers or chocolates?
Chocolates, any day!

Gold or silver?
I don't mind both actually.

Cats or dogs?
I love both, all animals are awesome because they're not judgemental like humans hehe :)
I hope you have all enjoyed reading that interview as much as LuAnne and I enjoyed doing this interview! If you are a fashi8on blogger who would like to be featured in my "Up Close and Personal with a P.H.A.T. girl" series, e.mail me at RebequitaRose@gmail.com, with a link to your blog and I will get back to you!
Lots of Luv and best wishes, as always,
Rebequita Rose
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