Sandy sweet as Candy - 50s look!

One of the things I love about working at summer camp, is having an excuse to dress up in fancy dress. The other night, was "Rock n Roll" night, and it was all 50s themed. Naturally, as I absolutely LOVE to dress up, and I love the 50s, so I got into the swing of it all and dressed up as 50s as I could! Hair, make-up, dress...

And here is the result!

BTW! I´m going to share a little secret with you guys! I wasn´t wearing lipstick! Honest! - Now, I don´t recommend you try this at home, BUT, I was actually wearing blusher on my lips because I didn´t have any lipstick. I put on some Blistex, (which is what I always use as lipgloss), and then patted on the blusher over my lips with my finger tips. I was careful not to lick my lips afterwards, and I knew I wasn´t going to be kissing anyone on the lips, so it was all good, and it looked like I was wearing lipstick! HA! - As they say, when there is a will, there is always a way!

And now for the dress!

I´ve had this dress for years! The label says its from Long, tall, Sally, but I´m almost certain I found it at a market somewhere in London, and that it was super cheap! I keep "recycling" it, Adding and taking things away, and it always looks like a comlpetely different dress everytime.

I made the "ruffle" thing you can see under it myself about a year ago. I like to create volume from the waist down. I guess its the latina in me, lol. The shape and cut of this dress is very flattering, as you can see in the photo, slimming. I wore the yellow cardy almost everyday at camp on days, and at times, when it was a bit chilly. That night was definately a bit chilly!

I have a whole backlog of oufits I´d like to blog about, but it will have to be another time. I just got back to Madrid from Barcelona late lastnight, and then had to get up early to go to work here. I´ve had no decent sleep in three weeks, and now no rest between jobs! Yes, I am exhausted - predicably! But I´ll survive. I always do :)

Until next time my lovelies,

Take care!

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