Owls and Pom-poms...

Ok, so yes, I do know that this is somewhat childish, (and to some people it´s probably plain hideous), but I happen to love owls, and most things cute, so when you put the two together, chances are I´ll like the outcome! - Even if the off-spring are leg-warmers!

They pass off as socks as they peep out over the top of my little brown booties. The pom poms flying around and very lightly hitting my legs as I walked was a bit odd, but not intrusive, or annoying, or anything like that. - Oh, and just so you know, I almost wasn´t going to blog about these!!

I got these from Claire´s Accessories for about 9 euros. I very, very, very rarely ever shop in Claire´s Accessories, but I have been known to pop in on the odd ocassion, and on ever rarer ocassions, I have purchased the odd random item.

I showed these to a friend of mine about a day after I got them, and she suggested I could turn them into finger-less gloves by making a hole for my thumb at the sides. I liked the idea. I still do. I might actually do that. If I do, I will let you know.

Now I will stop torturing your eyes, my beautiful readers! lol

Much luv and best wishes,
Rebequita Rose!



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